Get an infrared thermometer!

You wouldn't believe, that this little gizmo is one of my most favorite kitchen helpers. Point it, press the button, and done! Watch comparison of the traditional thermometer and the electronical one:


September 13, 2015 by Paul

Thank you guys! (special announcement)

Thank you all for all the feedback, shares and +1s on Google+. Thanks to you, there're over 3600 followers of my Cooking collection there, and moderation team of Google+ decided to feature my Cooking collection! :-) It's all thanks to you, I'm so thankful...


September 12, 2015 by Paul

How to cook teriyaki pork stripes with shallots?

Check out first making-of video of teriyaki pork strips with shallots — a superb recipe that mixes Asian finese with European pragmatic mind.


September 08, 2015 by Paul

First video tutorial: cooking rice for bento

I'm really happy to present the first kitchen tutorial from CookArr. You will learn how to wash and cook rice for bento, which is the basic element of any bento recipe!


September 06, 2015 by Paul

CookArr videos announced!

We are extremely happy to announce kitchen tutorials and tips&tricks videos coming soon to CookArr! Read more for details...


August 31, 2015 by Paul