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CookArr is a terrific cooking website, and I love publishing new recipes and articles. At the moment I'm sharing with you at least 3 recipes, articles, or galleries per week, so basically at least every other day, for free, without ads and ugly sponsored banners. This is how much I like doing that! :-)

CookArr is also my hobby project — I run the website, because I like cooking, and have lots of ideas of what to make, and how to do it. In the past I tried making videos, and while it turned out technically challenging, I still want to give you interesting, easy to follow video tutorials, tips and tricks, and step-by-step recipes.

The problem is, running a website is not cheap, and many techniques and recipes require special equipment: forms, utensils, specific ingredients. You can help me getting there, by checking out a special Amazon Wishlist, in which I catalogue things that I would like to use in the future recipes. Just go, and if you like to see something used, be an amazing human being and send it my way. If you manage to include your name (first name or nickname, no offensive words will be posted :-P), I will gladly dedicate the recipe for you, so you can proudly be part of CookArr!

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