Simple cookies

Easy: 6 steps, 10 minutes

Day are shorter now, and the weather is colder as the autumn and winter approach, so it's a good idea to brighten your day with some crispy cookies!

This recipe is really easy and cutting out the cookies is much fun. And of course, then you're left with enormous amount of hot, aromatic cookies that you can share with friends and your close ones.

They are tasty while still hot, but will get better if you leave them on the counter for a day or two, because they will absorb some of the humidity, making them really delicate and delicious!

Step #1: Ingredients

You can use leftover dough from crispy apple tart or make a base dough:

  • 2 eggs,
  • 300g of flour,
  • 150g of cold butter,
  • 100g of white sugar,
  • a pinch of salt,
  • 2 spoons confectioners sugar (optionally).

To make different variants, you can use:

  • cinnamon,
  • vanilla sugar,
  • lemon juice or aroma,
  • cacao or chocolate chips.

Step #2: Utensils

  • mixing bowl,
  • spatula or scraper to remove stuck dough from the bowl,
  • mixer with kneading attachment (you can skip it if you knead by hand),
  • rolling pin or rolling stick,
  • cookie cutter,
  • baking sheet,
  • plastic bag.

Step #3: Prepare the dough (5 minutes)

Mix flour, sugar, (diced thinly) butter, salt and eggs in the mixing bowl and quickly mix everything. You don't need to mix butter very well, small chunks will make the tart crust more crisp and fluffy.

Form into a ball, scrape-remove from the mixing bowl and pack into a plastic bag — you may want to separate the dough into smaller chunks for each aroma.

Cool down in a fridge for at least 1 to 2 hours.

Step #4: Roll and cut out the cookies (5 minutes)

Take each part of the dough and dust it with flour to avoid sticking. Dust rolling pin and the working surface with flour too.

Carefully not to separate the dough, flatten it out on the working surface and dusting with flour if sticky, roll it to a 3-5mm thick sheet.

Using a cookie cutter, knife or a thin-walled glass, cut out cookies.

Merge the leftover dough into a ball and repeat this step until it's mostly gone (with some experience, you will be able to use all the dough, the last cookie you should gently press inside the cookie cutter to fill the blank space).

Step #5: Bake the cookies

Preheat the oven to 180C and bake cookies for 10-15 minutes until they are crisp and light-brown. Using dough leftovers from apple tart, I have enough to fill one baking sheet, so I bake them for 10 minutes and then let them sit in a turned-off oven for up to 5 more minutes.

Remove cookies onto a cooling rack (see picture of my cinnamon cookies cooling down).

Step #6: Dust cookies with confectioners sugar

If you want nice, snow-like cookies like mine, let them cool down for 5 minutes, and then place in a plastic bag with 2 spoons of confectioners sugar.

Shake gently to avoid breaking the cookies for 2 minutes, so the cookies get covered with a nice, sweet sugar cover.

Place cookies again on the cooling rack and shake gently to remove the sugar excess, a lot will be left on the cookies!

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