Sausage salad bento idea

Easy: 5 steps, 7 minutes

Bento is not only rice, and you can eat a delicious meal with other ingredients like potatoes, green beans and... cornichons! This is my bento idea for days when I literally cannot look at rice, e.g. the day after sushi day. And, because most of the ingredients are pre-made in jars, you can quickly assemble this set when you're short on time. What's not to love about this bento idea?!

Step #1: Collect ingredients

Top box:

  • Lettuce or other salad greens (I use romana salad),
  • 2 sausages,
  • Barbecue sauce in a small container.

Bottom box:

  • Jar potatoes (cooked in the water),
  • Cornichons,
  • Green beans (cooked in the water),
  • Sesame seeds.

Step #2: Collect utensils

You will need your bento box (best with 2 separate boxes, but one with separate compartments is just as good) to store your food. Also, a small pot to cook sausages, and knife. You may use small sieve to dry the vegetables.

Step #3: Prepare and cook sausages (3 minutes)

Cut sausages into 3 pieces (6 pieces total) and make cross incisions on each side of the sausage bit. Toss them into a pot of boiling water and turn off the heat. Let the sausages sit in the hot water until you are done with other things. You can also take sausages out to let them cool a bit before you assemble the top box!

Step #4: Prepare vegetables (2 minutes)

Slice potatoes and cornichons into smaller pieces to use most of the bento space. You can dry them in a sieve. Dry green beans and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Wash, dry and slice your lettuce into medium-sized chunks.

Step #5: Assemble the bento box (2 minutes)

In the bottom box (the rice box) put potatoes, cornichons and green beans into 3 large groups. Use separators or smaller containers to keep them from mixing. Fill the top box with sliced lettuce, barbecue sauce container and put sausages on top. All done!

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