French toast

Easy: 3 steps, 10 minutes

I believe in food recycling, i.e. when something is still edible, and there is a delicious and healthy way to eat it, then why not? We should never let our food spoil, even when there's overabundance of it! :-) Enjoy these delicious, savory French toasts, which make a perfect weekend breakfast.

Step #1: Ingredients

  • dried out, or stale bread slices
  • 2 eggs
  • 150ml of milk

Step #2: Prepare everything

Slice bread into 1-2cm thick slices, and set aside.

Pour milk into a soup plate, or a bowl.

Pour eggs, and beat lightly, in a separate soup plate, or a bowl.

Step #3: Prepare french toast (10 minutes)

Heat a spoon of oil on the pan and set on a medium-low heat.

Take each slice of bread, quickly soak it in the milk (both sides), then cover with the egg and fry until golden on the pan. Simple as that!

Sprinkle with some salt and herbs before serving.

If the pan starts smoking or toasts are getting very dark, or even burned, it means that you should use less milk, or resign from soaking the bread in it altogether.

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