Chocolate spread

Easy: 4 steps, 16 minutes

Is there anything nicer on a Saturday breakfast than a delicious crisp bread roll with some rich, deep chocolate-flavored spread? I invented this recipe after playing with butterscotch, and it makes a superb sweet, yet bitter, aromatic spread. And the best part is that you can make it in no-time on your own whenever you want!

Ingredients for 25 portions

  • White sugar: 200g
  • Water: 100ml (100g)
  • Butter: 50g
  • Cocoa powder: 4 spoons (60g)
  • Whipping cream: 200ml (200g)

Step #1: Utensils

  • medium pot
  • whisk
  • glass container (for the finished spread)
  • optional large bowl with ice-cold water

Step #2: Cook the sugar (5 minutes)

Place sugar and water in the pot, and shake it gently to moisten all of the sugar.

Heat on a high heat until the mixture starts changing color into golden, then amber. Wait until it's deep amber color, and kill the heat.

Step #3: Add spread ingredients (1 minute)

Add the butter to the sugar mixture and quickly stir it with your whisk, then slowly start pouring the cream whisking constantly to avoid crystallization. It will look very similar to butterscotch.

Be very careful while stirring in the spread ingredients — the scorching hot sugar will quickly melt the butter and evaporate water from the cream, generating lots of steam. Never lean over the pot!

Keep a slow, but steady stream of the cream to cool down the sugar in a controlled way. If you notice crystallization (large and hard sugar clumps), set the mixture on a small heat and stir everything vigorously until dissolved!

Step #4: Add cocoa and cool down (10 minutes)

Stir-in the cocoa powder into the mixture and keep mixing it until it reaches room temperature — you can use a large bowl filled with ice-cold water to cool your pot in a bath (just make sure that you don't pour water into the chocolate spread).

Place all of the mixture in the glass container and refrigerate it for at least 4 hours to set.

Chocolate spread mixture will look very runny at first, but you will notice that it will thicken as it cools down to room temperature. At some point you will notice that your whisk leaves trails in the mixture, and it's a sign that the temperature is very close to the optimal for storage.

You can take a spoon, and coat it with the chocolate spread to test the flavor intensity — it will be a bit milder when cooled down!

Nutritional value of 1 portion (24g of 610g total)

Calories (kcal)
321.85 in 100g
3% GDA
Protein (g)
2.74 in 100g
1% GDA
Carbohydrates (g)
39.41 in 100g
3% GDA
Sugar (g)
32.36 in 100g
7% GDA
Fat (g)
20.15 in 100g
5% GDA
Saturated fat (g)
12.51 in 100g
12% GDA
Sodium (mg)
0.02 in 100g
0% GDA

The nutritional information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding proper nutrition.

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