Bonito-dashi ramen with egg

Easy: 7 steps, 28 minutes

Ramen is a delightful soup served piping hot with wheat noodle and lots of vegetables — a perfect dish that you can prepare quickly for a healthy autumn dinner or a light lunch. You can customise it almost indefinitely with ingredients you like: eggs, meat, vegetables and rice cakes. I will show you how to prepare a simple, but very tasty ramen based on bonito fish stock (bonito dashi) and eggs.

Step #1: Ingredients

For one person you will require:

  • 500ml of water,
  • 1 packet of bonito dashi stock powder (or any amount suggested for the desired number portions based on amount of the water),
  • 1 portions of ramen (around 100g, but adjust to your liking),
  • 1 carrot,
  • 50g of green beans,
  • 1 spring onion,
  • 2 eggs,
  • 1 spoon of soy sauce,
  • 2 1-cm slices of daikon radish or large white radish,
  • herbs, salt, pepper,
  • 1 spoon of vegetable or olive oil.

Step #2: Utensils

  • 2 medium pots (should hold at least 1.5x of your desired amount of water),
  • colander,
  • egg cooker or another small pot,
  • vegetable peeler.

Step #3: Cook eggs (5 minutes)

Using the egg cooker or small pot with a boiling water, soft-boil eggs to keep the whites firm and yolks semi-liquid. Shock in cold water to stop the cooking process, peel and slice in each in half.

You might marinade egg in soy sauce and other condiments, but it requires more time upfront.

Step #4: Slice vegetables (10 minutes)

Clean and peel carrot, and daikon (or white) radish, then slice green beans into large pieces and chop spring onion into thin slices or bits.

Slice the daikon radish into long stripes, and using the vegetable peeler slice carrot into paper-thin slices for garnishing.

Step #5: Cook the stock (5 minutes)

Dissolve bonito dashi (fish stock) in the pot of boiling water, add oil, and place daikon radish slices.

Add soy sauce, herbs, and adjust with pepper, salt and other spices to your taste.

Cook until boiling pot, then take off the heat entirely, add herbs, and cover.

Step #6: Pre-cook ramen (5 minutes)

Place ramen noodles into another pot with boiling water (any volume that suits the noodle amount), add some salt and cook the ramen for 3-5 minutes until cooked.

Pour through a colander and immediately pour back into the soup.

Step #7: Wrap up (3 minutes)

Set the soup pot on a high heat to reach the boiling point as fast as possible, and place green beans in the hot soup.

When the soup is boiling again, place each noodle portion into a ramen bowl, then arrange toppings nicely: place some cooked radish on the noodles, sprinkle with chopped spring onions, place eggs on the side, and cooked green beans in the middle, pour piping hot soup over the toppings, and garnish with little nests made with paper-thin carrot slices.

Serve immediately with chopsticks for ramen and spoon for the liquid — toppings blanched with hot soup will be easy to pick up and crunchy!

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