Banana meringue cake: part 1

I got an idea for a fluffy, delightful cake made with bananas — it started as an idea for a tart, but I decided I'd like something a bit more luxurious (but still simple).

The tart crust would be too stiff and hard compared to the soft, fluffy consistency of a meringue cream, so I decided to try my luck with lady fingers (technically Italian Savoiardi) — I made a tin-high fence around the tin's edge and laid another layer on the bottom, with crumbs filling some holes. So far so good, although the bottom was too thick and I will make crumb-bottom next time, with some butter and honey to keep it together as a nice, crunchy shell.

Then I made a meringue cream with egg whites, caster sugar, honey and bananas, but apparently they need more care. The banana cream turned out a little bit grainy, and next time I think I'll sieve it through a mesh strainer, to remove any bits that will prevent the meringue cream from being perfectly smooth.

The stiffness was good though and after some proper chilling in the fridge, the cake has sweet, distinctly bananas taste. I think next one will be perfect, fool-proof and ready for you! :-) You can see the first try on the pictures:

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