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I really love my kitchen adventures, and running CookArr for you, and I got an idea of how you could support my crazy kitchen ideas: Amazon wish lists are all the rage at the moment, so let's make an experiment.

If you like the website, recipes and would like to support me and my kitchen adventuring, feel free to support future stuffs:

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I don't know how exactly wishlists work, but if you mark it somehow with your name, etc., ...

February 08, 2016 by Paul

You can help CookArr starting next year!

Ahoy fellow kitchen pirates :-) CookArr is so far up and running well, and I have lots of fun doing the website and experimenting in the kitchen. I have some awesome plans for 2016, including mobile apps and videos, new recipes and kitchen gear tests...


Food for thought
December 15, 2015 by Paul

Nutritional information comes to CookArr recipes!

Great news everyone! New recipes (and at some point also old ones) will include detailed nutritional information — it's the first part of many changes focused on making CookArr the place for people interested in both tasty and healthy cooking and eating. I hope you will find this change useful! :-)

You can see first of the recipes that was upgraded to include nutritional information, simple puff pastry.


December 05, 2015 by Paul

New improvements to CookArr

Update Wednesday in CookArr:-) I took a long, thorough look across the website and decided to fix and improve some existing features for your convenience and to make the website easier to use.


December 02, 2015 by Paul

How to store carrots?

Carrots are really healthy and add nice, earthy flavor to any simmered or boiled meal, offer great snack and grated, make a nice ingredient of a healthy salad. The problem I always had with them though, was how to store them?!.


December 01, 2015 by Paul