New improvements to CookArr

Update Wednesday in CookArr:-) I took a long, thorough look across the website and decided to fix and improve some existing features for your convenience and to make the website easier to use. Here are the changes:

 Huge changes

Search is much improved, no more pages without any result (especially problematic in the Polish content) — now you will have always relevant results like it should be.

Tags work now much smarter. Looking for gluten-free bento recipes with cucumber and chicken won't offer recipes with combination of any of selected tags (like it was until now), but will make sure that each group is limiting results between groups (so first cucumber and chicken recipes will be selected, and then all recipes that aren't gluten-free will be removed, then non-bento recipes will be removed), like it should be.

Cosmetic changes

Icons on the landing page, showing what kind of content the tile leads to (recipe, article or gallery).

Tags in galleries used to redirect to recipes results, now it's fixed and they will filter only galleries in a smart way.

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