Choosing the best mixer, Kenwood kMix review (part 3)

Welcome to the 3rd, and also the last part of my Choosing the best mixer series. You should read part 1 and part 2 of the series if you didn't do it yet. This part is all about my new shiny Kenwood kMix mixer! :-)

Buying and delivery

I bought my unit in all white color with my private money from German Amazon, for a fair price of 266€. I have Amazon Prime subscription, so I didn't pay anything extra for the delivery. I am also not affiliates (sadly! :P) with Kenwood.

What's in the box?

The box contains exactly what you would expect from a standing mixer:

Everything was packed in a styrofoam shell, which was packed in a branded carton, which... was packed in a super sturdy package carton, which only then was packed once more by Amazon for delivery. I think I don't need to mention nothing was damaged, not even dented ;-) You can see on the left, my model is the 4th from the left or 2nd from the right!

First impression

I expected the mixer to be fully metal, but this thing is... heavy! Of course I don't struggle moving it around the kitchen, but the first moment was somehow surprising. Also, it seemed smaller than I imagined, but it was just my imagination. Everything was shiny, looking interesting and somehow beautiful, starting from the overall modern shape, ending on little details like the speed or release switches.

What surprised me too, was the use of instructional stickers, showing where and how to mount the metal bowl, and warning me about risk of cutting my finger in the release mechanism joint. These are removable, so any purist out there may just peel them off, clean the surface and enjoy a perfectly clean, smooth surface. It's that beautifully simple.

Another thing is the instruction booklet. It's very simple, almost like a bullet-list of do-and-do-not, with some interesting suggestions of best speed for various attachments. The booklet had also few recipes attached, on beautiful postcard-like cards, showing the recipe and interesting food presentation. It's a nice touch, and I will one day definitely try out the recipes, like donuts, spinach swiss roll, pavlova, etc.

Let's make something!

I decided to make bread as the first ever thing in my shiny new mixer, before I even calibrate it (more about that later). The effect was pleasing, and the dough was mixed thoroughly, what you can see in the video:

So far so good! :-)

Daily usage

I tried all of the attachments in the following days after receiving the mixer, and I must say I'm really impressed: everything worked just as expected, and was also easy to clean (that's super important for cooks without a washing machine). I used the mixer to make meringue hearts and pink poopies, and also all the cupcakes were done with the mixer.

You have no idea how much a standing mixer helps! I back everything I've ever said about standing mixers not helping, and just occupying the space. These things are amazing. While the egg whites are beaten, I can clean up, then measure ingredients, quickly add it to the bowl, and then just go and do my thing while everything mixes. It's so convenient!

One thing that I was required to do though, was to calibrate the length of each attachment shaft, using the attached metal tool (once again, Kenwood didn't disappoint). It requires some trying, but the result is much better than the factory setting. It's also pretty easy, so anyone should manage!

Summarizing the good

This mixer is a real helper, it really does everything that you no longer have to spend time on, effortlessly. It looks great, and doesn't occupy much space after all. Attached beaters, whists and other things are well thought, and cover all bases. There was no single moment I would question my choice, and I think that is what really tells it all about this mixer, it just does its thing like a champ.

Summarizing the bad

With a serious engine, comes serious power, and this mixer is a bit noisy. It's okay though, since you would only hear a quiet hum in the other room. Another issue (or a smart feature, it's actually up to you), is the start safety, i.e. when you release the engine while it operates, you need to let it down, then set the mixer to 0-speed, then you have to wait about a second. Surprisingly one second is quite a while ;-) Apart from these two, this mixer was flawless.

Should you get it?

If you're looking for a fair-priced mixer, that is not only full-metal, but also versatile, you should look no further. If you care more about the brand, you should still consider it, even though there's a large community of Kitchen Aid owners that will persuade you their almost twice as expensive mixer is basically equally good. For me, Kenwood kMix won by simplicity, style, and modern looks.

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