Instant food is great!

I love instant food, more: I have a whole cupboard of instant food that I like to eat when I'm busy or lazy. And let me tell you, why you should eat lots of instant food too...

...but before that, let me say what instant food means, okay? It's basically a ready-made can or jar of ingredients! Like cooked potatoes, beans, canned peas, etc. They are instant, because you can just pick them up, warm, mix or just eat from the container. There's nothing more comfortable.

Some of my recipes can be easily done quickly without any hassle using instant foods, just look at the sausage bento idea, which takes only few minutes to be prepared and there's plenty of room for customization. Instant, fresh, tasty and healthy thanks to no extra fat and preservatives (okay, some might be included in the can or jar, but these are nowhere close to fast-food's amounts).

So maybe next time you go to the grocery store, make an adventure into the instant food aisle and get yourself some raw ingredients in jars and cans? I would recommend any kind of sauce-less veggies: beans, potatoes. Just avoid anything that is already processed and spiced, or contains sugary sauce. Experiment, mix it up, have fun!

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