How to store carrots?

Carrots are really healthy and add nice, earthy flavor to any simmered or boiled meal, offer great snack and grated, make a nice ingredient of a healthy salad. The problem I always had with them though, was how to store them?!.

I tried many ideas:

And I always ended up with a bunch of molded, soggy carrots at the exact time I needed them most :-( Then I tried something different: I placed them in a small box filled with ice-cold water, covering them completely. It worked!

Carrots stored in ice-cold water keep their colour, taste, and are deliciously crunchy. You can wash them thoroughly before storing, and since they don't get mouldy for good 3-4 weeks, you can have a nice, fresh stash ready for a snack, soup or salad. I hope that helps!

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