Choosing the best mixer, comparison (part 2)

In the last episode I covered all features of my perfect mixer, and in this part I will show you which mixers were contenders to this honorable title, and how they scored against my requirements.


I decided to limit the selection to just 3 models, one that is the most obvious one: American KitchenAid Artisan, one that is the most marketed in Germany: German Bosch MUM5, and one that is most visible in my favorite cooking shows on YouTube: British Kenwood kMix. As you can see these are more-or-less known brands, and because each one comes from a different geographical region, they will compete not only on the ground of features, but also design and origin-inspired look (more about that later).


Scoring will be subjective, but I will try to be fair, and will grade each feature in scale of 0 to 2 points, where 0 means completely bad, or not applicable, 1 good, but not the best, and 2 means perfect. Scores can be shared. Seems reasonable, right? I think none of these will score 0 at any of the feature, since they all are versatile multi-functional machines, but just in case ;-)

Kitchen Aid Artisan, the obvious option

I don't believe there's a semi-serious cook that never heart of Kitchen Aid. From my experience, owning one of these grants you a place in an elitaristic club of Kitchen Aid owners, and apparently people love their Kitchen Aids. I was more than eager to find out as much as I can about it, so I started my research with one of them.

So let's start with requirements:

Total so far: 8 points, so let's see how nice to have features add up to overall score:

Total so far: 6 points, overall score: 14 points. Not bad!

Bosch MUM5, the local star

My Google+ followers probably remember that I was this close to buying this mixer last year, but decided to wait with buying any mixer for a bit longer, to make a better research. It's the local star in Germany, coming in variety of options, packages, colors and attachments, which made me scratch my head with too many options.

So let's see how this interesting design competes with others:

Total so far: 7 points, so let's see how nice to have features add up to overall score:

Total so far: 5 points, overall score: 12 points. Not bad!

Kenwood kMix, the YouTube star

Funny fact, I found out about this mixer's existence from YouTube cooking videos, and while I wasn't hooked up at first, I decided to add this model to my research. It wasn't easy, because it's a British product and it was pretty hard to find local resellers in Germany, and a total lack of local marketing didn't help, I managed to check it out in a local shop. It seems Kenwood tries to be a direct rival of the Kitchen Aid with their kMix model, so let's see how well it does in comparison:

Total so far: 10 points, which is rather impressive, so let's see how nice to have features add up to overall score:

Total so far: 10 points, overall score: 20 points. We have a winner!


The competition was fierce, and I must admit, that I didn't think the Kenwood kMix will be the winner. I was initially leaning toward the legendary Kitchen Aid Artisan, but after a closer look I decided to give in and head for the truly future experience, instead of enjoying the retro look. I was nevertheless pretty much disappointed that Bosch MUM5 came out 3rd, because it is a terrific idea for a whole-kitchen-in-one device, and mixed with a really affordable price I would see it as a beginner choice.

The decision was made, so in the next 3rd and the last part of the series, you will read about my experience with Kenwood kMix that I bought recently. It will be all about the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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