About CookArr

CookArr is a cooking blog, dedicated to people who already can cook a little and would like to get inspired with some new, sometimes funky ideas. It is not a blog targeted at professional cooks, and some information might be incorrect or... well... stupid. In such case feel free to contact us using built-in comments or check out our contact page to let us know!

Most of the recipes you will find on CookArr will be simple, easy to make and you won't have to make a scavenger hunt for the recipes — we might even propose shops where you can easily find the ingrediens or utensils!

Ethical conduct

All opinions stated in CookArr recipes and articles are based on our own private experiences. We might publish a sponsored article or endorse particular brand of ingredient or utensil, but this information will be clearly stated and we will also propose alternative non-sponsored item. Otherwise, you can assume that we already had particular item in our private ownership and just want to share how it feels in our culinary adventures.

Most of utensils and ingredients that we cover is bought by our private money, that we earned in our daily jobs. We might receive a review item though, in which situation we will state this information clearly in the article or the recipe. We will never endorse a product that we didn't like, just because it was a review unit or the article was sponsored in any way!